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Why veterans are choosing a career in tech?

The tech industry has some of the highest salaries of any job occupation in Canada. There is a huge shortage of skilled labor to work these in-demand tech jobs. Enjoy a stable career, a flexible work environment,  and a high income too. Salaries range from $60,000 to $120,000 depending on the tech role.


Over 100 CAF members and military spouses hired in 2021

Jesse F.
Captain, CIC
WYWM Squad Leader

I had never considered a career in the IT industry. I came across free Project Management training being offered to Veterans and jumped in for some extra learning. I was fortunate to receive a call from the Veteran Success team at WYWM who guided me through the application process for a Project Manager position within the Canadian Government. Take a chance and upskill yourself - you never know where your potential will get you.

Carla C.
Military Spouse
WYWM Systems Administrator

Military spouse with PTSD, those were my titles. Or at least before I stumbled across WithYouWithMe. Now, I am a Systems Administrator, working diligently and learning more every day. All because the awesome people at WYWM saw my potential. Saw more than just my mental health issues, my lack of post-secondary education or experience. They saw me. It was to my surprise I found a warm and welcoming community of people, all eager to help those who are new to tech and those who are struggling with finding their place in the world. WithYouWithMe has given me direction and a challenge I craved. I'm glad I made the jump that day.

Narayanan. S
2 Lt, 37 Signal Regiment, CAF
WYWM Data Engineer

I was searching for a new job as my previous employer engagement contract was coming to an end. I saw an ad on Facebook and LinkedIn that WYWM was looking for veterans and transitioning CAF members to take up IT jobs with no prior experience. So, I took the opportunity, completed the Potential platform assessment and transitioned to a valuable WYWM team member (Data Engineer).

Frank S.
CAF Reservist
WYWM Data Analyst

I have been in the Reserves for 10 years as a Sig Op. On my civilian side, I have been under utilized at my last employment. I saw ads on LinkedIn about WYWM a year ago and felt like it was too good to be true, so I was cautious about taking a job here. But, after experiencing WYWM, everything is as good as advertised! I have done several roles in WYWM and realized my full potential. We have great benefits and enjoyed the amazing free lunch Thursday even when working remotely at home.

Travis R.
Major, Artillery Officer, CAF
WYWM Engagement Manager

After working 16 years in the Canadian Army as an operational planner, I wanted to explore what a civilian career in technology would look like. After reaching out to WYWM, I was soon offered an opportunity to be employed as an Engagement Manager in April 2021. Since that time I have discovered what it truly like to be employed for my Potential!

Carolyn P.
Military Spouse
WYWM Database Administrator

As a military spouse I was consistently out of work on each new posting and was unable to have a fulfilling and rewarding career. I became discouraged looking for positions in tech as the expectations for work experience were unrealistic. I heard of WYWM through online chats and decided to check it out for myself. In the first week of joining the platform I was connected with Career Success and began my journey. WYWM saw my potential immediately without ever looking at my resume. Although we'll continue to be posted, I feel reassured that I will be able to continue to grow my career and have job security. It is such a great opportunity to work for this amazing company and awesome Community of people.

Madeleine E.
Military Spouse
WYWM Campaign Manager

I came across WYWM in a local Facebook group and wanted to know more- so I got in touch with a military spouse that worked for the organization. She took the time to chat with me and I got in touch with one of the awesome people at Career Success! Testing was easy peasy and was able to complete the data pipeline on evenings and weekends. The discord community was extremely supportive as I went through the courses. After some time and patience, I was offered a job at WYWM! My work hours are flexible and have the opportunity to make a difference for my family.

Angela Amati
Military Spouse
WYWM Career Success

I've been a military spouse for 15 years and the constant moving has cause me to pause my career and start over every time. I kept regressing in my career and wanted to find a career that was full-time, had room for advancement and would allow flexible or remote work. As soon as I heard about WYWM I knew that this initiative was different. I joined the platform, attended the information session, and soon found employment. Now, I'm in a position that allows me to help other spouses and I find this experience incredibly rewarding. This journey was life changing and with another posting around the corner, I know for the first time, I won't have to leave my career behind. GAME CHANGER!

Dan C.
Major, Engineering Officer, RCE
WYWM Automation Analyst

Getting close to 35 years of service as a Sapper and Engineer Officer, I started planning for retirement from the military. Looking into options I found WYWM. WYWM then came to Canada and I completed the RPA Analystcourse, after which I was offered a job as an RPA Analyst. I have since made myway through the RPA Developer courses and am now vendor certified with UiPath.

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Your questions, answered

Is it free?

Yes, our services are 100% free to transitioning members, veterans & families, as well as individuals who identify as neurodiverse, Indigenous, and women in tech.

What tech courses do you offer?

We offer courses in the most in-demand trades such as data, IT, cyber security, robotic process automation (RPA), product management, linux, help desk, etc. Learn for free.

How do I get a tech job?

You must first sign up to WYWM Potential platform, do your aptitude test, and start a digital course before you can apply for any tech role on our website.

What if I'm not good in tech?

You won't know unless you try. Many of our best technologists have never held a tech role prior to joining WYWM. Upskill yourself for free at WYWM. Decide later.

How does WYWM make money?

We make money selling software and consulting services to large enterprises, governments, and defense clients. For every license sold, we're able to train 10 people for free. We call this the "PoTENtial effect."

Who do you work with?

We work with hundreds of clients and tech partners. Our clients include: the Canadian Government, Department of National Defense, RCMP, CRA, CBSA, ESDC, etc.

How big is your company?

WYWM is one of the fastest growing tech company in APAC and veteran-owned. We've been in business for 6+ years, have 300+ employees in 3 continents, and are on track to grow to 1,000 staff in the next 2 years.

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