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The state of Diversity & Inclusion
in Australian workplaces
In 2022, most organisations understand that diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords. But while progress is being made, there are still some significant gaps. Find out what we discovered when we surveyed more than 500 Australian managers and learn what your workplace can put into action today.

Who we are

WithYouWithMe is a forward-thinking social impact organisation. We help organisations transform their businesses with innovative talent solutions. Our mission? To create a world where people are employed for future potential, not past experience.

What we do

Our data-led workforce solutions build productive teams from new talent pools for in-demand tech roles and build careers with continuous learning.  

Our SaaS platform matches jobseekers from underserved and overlooked communities to tech roles at businesses and government agencies. By changing the way talent is recognised, we’re helping to create a more equitable world.

How we do it

Jobseekers from diverse groups, like military veterans, neurodivergent people, and refugees, sign up to our SaaS platform. They take aptitude tests for job and culture fit. We help them identify what roles they’ll excel in and train them. When they’re job-ready, we place them on high-performing, balanced teams that are deployed to organisations like yours.  

Using our own data allows us to assure team productivity and remove decision bias. Once a jobseeker is in a role, we support them through continuous learning, so they develop expertise in emerging areas, and you’re able to retain top talent.  

Who we work with