Success Story:
The Missing Link
The challenge
The Missing Link is an IT services provider that partners with some the world’s most recognisable brands. The organisation was growing rapidly but facing a problem familiar to many businesses in Australia—there wasn’t enough tech talent available to support its growth. The Missing Link engaged WithYouWithMe to assist in:

1. Supporting The Missing Link's period of expansion in the short-term.
2. Developing an internal pipeline of talent for the long-term.
The solution
For WithYouWithMe, the first step to figuring out how to best support The Missing Link was to assess where the business was at currently, where it wanted to be, and how we could fill in the gaps.

Using WithYouWithMe's Potential platform, the The Missing Link was able to get an accurate assessment of the existing team’s strengths and capabilities, and where new talent was needed.

Through WithYouWithMe's Squads model, six people were placed in The Missing Link in their security division. They acted as the backbone of the business through both rapid growth and the challenges of providing support throughout the pandemic.
Results & Impact
The partnership between WithYouWithMe and The Missing Link has been a great success. At the end of the contract period, there was a 100-percent retention rate, with all of the WithYouWithMe contractors transitioning to being full-time staff members at The Missing Link. The business is now looking to widen its contract with WithYouWithMe to other areas of the business.
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